Brief Description of the Program

The School of Medicine of the University of Athens organizes and operates a Postgraduate Program (MPS) with

the title "Intensive Care Units", from the academic year 2018-2019 (beginning of the 2006-2007 PMS)

in accordance with the provisions of Law 4485/2017 In the PMS, two directions are foreseen, with ICUs as the core, one of which can be chosen by each postgraduate



1. Emergency Nursing, 2. Emergency Treatment of Children The courses are held at the facilities of the School of Medicine, the "EVANGELISMOS" Hospital and other Hospitals of Attica in case of increased needs.

Object- Purpose The object of the Master's degree program (M.S.) in the "Intensive Care Units" in both specializations

is to provide training, to postgraduate students, so that they acquire a strong scientific background,

experience and know-how in a particularly dynamic area of modern science, such as ICUs,

emergency nursing and pediatric emergency treatment.


The main purposes of the P.M.S. are the folowing:

• Providing knowledge in the modern developments of Intensive Care.

• Acquisition of knowledge and skills in the organization and operation of Intensive Care Units and Emergency

Departments (EDs).

• Creating scientists with the required skills for successful careers in the private, public and academic sectors.

• Creation of scientists to cover the educational needs, for continuous training in the workplaces.

• Staffing of Nursing Units and especially Intensive Care Units for Adults and Children, E.D.

• Staffing of Mobile Units to provide services at pre-hospital level.

• Offering services in Mass disasters and Theomenia.

• High level of care provision, resulting in a reduction in hospitalization days and consequently a reduction in

hospitalization costs.


The graduates of P.M.S. they will be able to:

• To staff Intensive Care Units for Adults and Children in the Public and Private sector.

• To staff Emergency Departments (ED).

• To staff Mobile Units to provide services at the pre-hospital level.

• To provide efficient and high-level services in emergency situations, mass disasters and divine disasters.

• To prepare for doctoral level postgraduate studies.